Board of Directors

Officers of the Board

Sydney Randazzo, President

Celia Canfield, Executive Vice President

Arleen Curry, Treasurer
Impact100 Sonoma Asst. Treasurer Arleen Curry 8.3.10

Jeanne Montague, Assistant Treasurer

Members of the Board

Lorraine Ashton, Community Grants
Impact100 Sonoma Chair Community Grants Lorraine Ashton  2011

Nancy Bruce, Event Logistics
Back Camera

Constance Grizzell, Grants Programs & Greater Impact
Impact100 Sonoma VP Grants and Greater Impact Constance Grizzell 2011

Grace Meeks, Impact Grant

Mirja Muncy, Development
Impact100 Sonoma Secretary and Chair of Development Mirja Muncy 5.26 small

Kathryn Perry, Events
Impact100 Sonoma VP Membership & Comm Relations Kathryn Perry 5.7.11

Nancy Pollock, Membership Engagement
Impact100 Sonoma Chair Membership Services Nancy Pollock 2011

Ann Reder, Membership
Impact100 Sonoma Chair Membership Recruitment Ann Reder 8.3.10

Judy Scotchmoor, Communications
Impact100 Sonoma VP Communications Judy Scotchmoor 5.7.11

Peg VanCamp, Governance
Peg Van Camp, Secretary

Of Counsel

Valerie Pistole Walter

Past Board Members

Annette Lomont and Christine Dohrmann, Co-Founders of Impact100 Sonoma ( June 2009), retired from the Board of Directors on June 30, 2011 and November 15, 2011 respectively. Mollie Collins rotated off the Board on June 30, 2012. Beth Aaron, Patti England, and Geralyne Mahoney rotated off the Board on June 30, 2013.