Founders’ Letter

We are pleased to include the following letter from our Founders, Christine Dohrmann and Annette Lomont. Their words are visionary on many levels. Written in 2012, they speak of the future – Imagining the Future – and suggest a membership level of 200 or 250 or even 300. Less than three years after posting this letter, we reached a membership of 263 and grants totalling more than $1,000,000. This has definitely been a bold and successful “experiment.”  Our continued thanks to Christine and Annette.


Founders Annette Lomont and Christine Dohrmann

Founders Annette Lomont and Christine Dohrmann

June, 2012

Dear Friends,

From the very beginning, we envisioned Impact100 Sonoma as an organization that would reflect a set of meaningful values. To that end, we focused on building an organization that would be inclusive, democratic, inspirational, participatory, entrepreneurial, innovative, and always responsive to its members.

A Bold Experiment

What appealed to us about the impact model from the beginning was the simplicity of the organizing principle: one woman, one vote. As a circle of women committed to making a difference, we see a tremendous advantage in pooling our resources and making decisions together. We continue to believe that Impact Grants are a unique way to benefit our community through the nonprofits that serve the Sonoma Valley.

The Real Impact

Real lives are being changed as a result of the funding decisions made by our membership. Real needs are being met. Real help has been given with an open hand. We are making an impact. But there is so much more to be done. In the Sonoma Valley, so many people and the organizations serving them need our help. The best way for us to do more is by expanding our reach and inviting more women to join Impact100.

Your Participation Makes a Difference

As a young organization still in its early development phase, we are learning a great deal about our community, its needs, and how best to meet those needs within the vision of Impact100 Sonoma. Many of you have taken the time to respond thoughtfully to our numerous on-line surveys or contact us and other members of the Board with your insights, recommendations, and concerns. We rely on your input and encourage you to continue to share your opinions.

Imagining the Future

Think about how much more we could do if we had 200, 250, or – or dare we suggest it? – 300 members. These are exciting times for our young organization. We would like to thank each of you for your support and your commitment to our mission, which is having a far-reaching impact on worthy causes in our community.

Annette & Christine