A Special Invite to Impact100 Sonoma from Redwood Empire Food Bank

REFB volunteers

Here is your chance to see first-hand the early results of our 2014 Impact Grant and to roll up your sleeves and get involved. The Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB) invites Impact100 Sonoma members to visit their amazing facility and to help pack food boxes for the Diabetes Wellness Project of Sonoma Valley. For those of you who attended the Annual Meeting last June, you will recall the recorded … [Read more...]

Members Enjoy Impact Grant Updates


  At our 2014 Annual Meeting last June, Impact100 members gathered to hear presentations describing three amazing projects that would benefit Sonoma Valley.  On Saturday, October 25th, the membership had the opportunity to learn about what has transpired with each of those projects during the past four months. As the recipient of the $100,000 Impact Grant, RN Morgan Smith from … [Read more...]

Envisioning Sonoma Valley’s Future: A Continuation


In October and November of last year, Impact100 hosted two symposia at which local nonprofits, Impact100 members, and other community members were invited to envision a “more perfect” Sonoma Valley in 2018 – what would it look like and how could we get there? On Thursday, October 9 those conversations continued. Celia Canfield, Impact100 Co-President, welcomed participants and posed the objective … [Read more...]

Changes in leadership for Impact100 Sonoma


June is a time for celebration as Impact100 Sonoma announces the recipients of its annual awards, but it is also a time for farewells, welcomes, and transitions.  This year we say good-bye to four extraordinary board members, three of whom are founding members and all four of whom not only bring something special to Impact100, but who have given of their time to make sure that proposals are in, … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Impact100 Sonoma!

Impact WEB-26

Impact100 celebrates its fifth anniversary! The Impact100 Annual Summer Garden Party, held on August 9th at the home of Cherie Hughes, posed a perfect setting and opportunity for a dual milestone celebration.  With the best-attended garden gathering to date, an estimated 125 members and their guests raised their glasses to toast the five-year anniversary of the organization and to celebrate its … [Read more...]

Glen Weaver wins the prestigious Jefferson Award

Glen Weaver5

Congratulations to Glen Weaver, founder of the Free Bookmobile, on receipt of the Jefferson Award for his efforts in promoting literacy throughout Sonoma County.  The Jefferson Awards were started by the American Institute for Public Service in 1972, as part of the institute’s mission to build a culture of service.  As stated in the June 17, 2014 article in the Sonoma Index Tribune, “On a local … [Read more...]

Impact100 Sonoma awards $100,000 Grant to Redwood Empire Food Bank

Impact100 awards check slide show

On June 21, at its fifth Annual Meeting, Impact100 Sonoma awarded the $100,000 grant to Redwood Empire Food Bank to fund its program – Diabetes Wellness Project of Sonoma Valley.  As the winner was announced, cheers and applause filled the auditorium of Hanna Boys Center where Impact100 Sonoma members and guests gathered to hear presentations from the Impact Grant finalists, await the tallying of … [Read more...]

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


At the start of the 2014 Annual Meeting, President Sydney Randazzo talked about the power of collective philanthropy – what can be accomplished when we work not as individuals, but collaboratively.  That is what Impact100 Sonoma is all about, and it was only fitting that time be given to say thank you to all who contributed to another successful year. The thanks go to our 2014 major underwriter … [Read more...]

The 2014 finalists have been chosen!


We are excited to share with you the 3 finalists for our $100,000 Impact Grant and the 15 finalists for Community Grants.  Impact100 Sonoma will award its annual $100,000 Impact Grant on June 21st to one of the following nonprofit organizations serving Sonoma Valley: Redwood Empire Food Bank, in partnership with Sonoma Valley Community Health Clinic, proposes to expand its Diabetes Wellness … [Read more...]

The new preschool at Sassarini Elementary School is open!

the plaque

Youngsters attending the new preschool at Sassarini Elementary School are adjusting to the new “school” atmosphere that will help jump-start their kindergarten and total school experiences. Several Impact100 Sonoma board members were delighted to attend the recent “mini” dedication to commemorate the opening of the new preschool.  Laura Zimmerman, Executive Director of the Sonoma Valley … [Read more...]