Past News & Events

Another New Video for Impact100

The latest video produced by Russ Johnson and Pat Meier-Johnson captures the essence of Parent University -- the 2015 recipient of our $100,000 Impact Grant. This program of On The Move focuses on the idea that children are more successful in school when their parents are involved in their education. That’s why Parent University offers GED classes, exercise, nutrition, culture, childcare, and more … [Read more...]

Spotlight #2 – A Travel Talk Soiree

On April 14th, Jean Behse opened her home to members of Impact100 Sonoma to talk about travel. Karen Collins started off the conversation discussing walking/hiking tours – providing several helpful tips about rating hikes, terrain and trails, and the importance of checking out ground operators and inns. Reflecting on experiences with her own tour company, she said she has gotten more out of it … [Read more...]

Impact100 Sonoma Announces the 2016 Grant Finalists

Impact100 Sonoma will award $276,000 in grants to a variety of Sonoma Valley nonprofit organizations at its May 21st Grant Awards Ceremony. We are excited to share with you the four finalists for our $100,000 Impact Grant and the 22 finalists for Community Grants. This year, the $100,000 Impact Grant will be awarded to one of the following four nonprofit organizations serving Sonoma … [Read more...]

Rave Reviews for First Spotlight

Impact100 Sonoma’s new Spotlight Series started Sunday, March 20, with a spectacular kick-off at Natasha Martin’s home. Natasha hosted the salon in her living room in front of a warm fire on a rainy afternoon. Members enjoyed learning of her experiences in Kenya helping orphans to be able to attend school. This was made possible through a nonprofit organization that Natasha initiated–the … [Read more...]

Our Impact:  Ten 2015 Community Grant Recipients Share Their Stories

In 2015, Impact100 Sonoma granted $108,000 in Community Grants to ten local nonprofits.  In order to understand how those grants are making an impact in our community, more than 100 members and guests attended the popular 6th Annual Community Grant Updates on March 19th to hear from each of the recipients. They were not disappointed. Community Grant recipients provided progress reports on the … [Read more...]

Impact100 Sonoma Enjoys Third Annual Dinner at Suite D

As expected, our third annual Impact Dinner at Suite D did not disappoint! Owner Sondra Bernstein provided an elegant menu, fine wine and, of course, the fabulous venue at Suite D.  Seventy-seven Impact100 Sonoma members were there to share in the delightful event – and there was no lack of fun and conversation. The highlight of the evening was a two-way conversation between two … [Read more...]

Impact100 Sonoma Connects with SIFF

Special Discount on Film Festival Tickets Each year in March, the town of Sonoma comes alive with locals and tourists zipping from venue to venue in order to catch as many films as possible - all part of the Sonoma International Film Festival (SIFF). This year will be particularly fun as we can watch for the inclusion of two of our Impact100 Sonoma videos at their 2016 event! Not only that, … [Read more...]

Impact100 Sonoma Launches New Spotlight Series

A Special Members-only Event A few times a year, we will be offering events that spotlight the interests and talents of one or more of our members who have offered to share their expertise and passion with other members. The first in the series will be an event at member Natasha Martin’s home, where she will lead a conversation about her experiences working on children’s health worldwide.  … [Read more...]

Impact100 Sonoma Coffee Hour Resumes

Impact100 Sonoma welcomed thirteen members to an informal coffee January 13, 2016, at the Community Café. Longtime members greeted three new members (see list below) and conversations ran the gamut of topics from the "ins and outs" of Impact100 to French lessons and activities around town – even fighting human trafficking here in Sonoma county! The consensus is that another Community Café … [Read more...]

Impact100 Sonoma Membership Continues to Rise

The numbers are in and once again, Impact100 Sonoma membership has passed the 250 mark! The organization is now 276 members strong – another record membership level. More importantly, this means that in May, the organization will award $276,000 to nonprofits serving Sonoma Valley. This will bring the total amount of grants awarded since the organization’s inception in 2009 to $1,468,000. This … [Read more...]