Grant Information

Impact100 Sonoma has two grant award programs: the Impact $100,000 Grant and Community Grants, which award grants of $5,000 to $15,000. Each year, 65% of membership funds will support the $100,000 Impact Grant and the Impact Grant program finalists. The remaining membership funds will support the Community Grants program.

Impact100 Sonoma continues to evaluate and improve the grant process in order to better meet the needs of our valley.  For this next grant cycle, we have eliminated the requirement to align Impact Grants to a particular focus area (see details below).  There are no changes to the Community Grant process.


As stated above, we have eliminated the requirement to align proposals to a particular focus area. Instead all applicants will simply submit a proposal that best serves their target community. Each proposal will be reviewed as described below.

The review process:
The applications will be randomly assigned to a committee for review based on the date and time received. The vetting process within each committee will remain the same: review of Letter of Inquiry (LOI), review of the financials by the Financial Review Committee, review of full proposals, and site visits. At the end of this review, all committees will meet together to select a slate of 3-4 finalists to present to the members at the annual meeting for their vote.  It will no longer be one finalist per committee. This will increase the opportunity for the best projects proposed to become finalists, no matter the committee to which it was assigned.

Impact100 still encourages grant applications in the general areas of interest previously delineated as focus areas. These include but are not limited to: Enrichment & Environment, Prevention & Intervention, Social Outreach and Women & Girls.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1:  Why is Impact100 transitioning away from specific focus areas for the Impact Grants? What necessitated this change?
A: Many projects/programs being considered for grants overlapped several focus areas. In addition, some nonprofits felt the need to modify their proposals to better fit the proposed focus areas.

Q2:  How will this new process impact each organization that applies for an Impact Grant?
A:  This process should increase the ease of applying for a grant. It will allow each organization to expand or start a new program/project that better meets the needs of the community, instead of trying to fit their program/project into a certain focus area. This new process should not be an advantage or disadvantage for any organization. It will also enhance the opportunity for the very best proposals to be considered.

Q3:  Will the areas of interest of Impact Grants still be the same?   Should applications still focus on those areas of interest? Is there any preference or special consideration for certain areas?
A:  Impact100 Sonoma is still interested in the past focus areas and they can be used as a guide, but applications do NOT have to focus specifically on these areas.   Fitting into one of the previous focus area does not give a proposal special consideration.

Q4:  Will the submittal process still be the same?
A:  The process is still the same for the nonprofit organization.

  • Letter of Inquiry (LOI) submitted
  • Invitation to submit full proposal
  • Full proposal submitted
  • Site visits by committee
  • Notification of finalists

Q5:  Who will actually vet each proposal?
A:  The Impact Grant committees will vet each proposal.  The majority of the work will be done in the individual committees just like in the past. Also, as in previous years, the Financial Review Committee will review the financials submitted with each proposal. After the site visits, all committees will meet together to select the finalists for the vote by the membership at the annual meeting.


CAPITAL GRANTS – The Capital Grants Program will award grants for any capital item or project an organization needs to simplify its operations or improve services. We will not be able to support capital or endowment campaigns, or software and hardware requests.

PROGRAM GRANTS – Innovation and planning projects may fund a short term project, OR, could provide critical data necessary to support the submission of proposal for additional funding from the Impact $100,000 grant in the following grant year.

  • INNOVATION – Funding for a time-limited experimental program that tests the effectiveness of a current or proposed service; to test a new idea or adapt a proven program to a new situation; or existing program enhancements. We encourage and support creative thinking, “THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX”. These innovative projects will address a specific need of the community. The duration will be one year or less.
  • PLANNING FOR STRATEGIC PARTNERING/COLLABORATION – A planning grant is intended for two or more organizations who provide similar, overlapping or complementary services and who wish to investigate a formal alliance for strategic partnering or collaboration. It is intended to be a small, time-limited grant, which may or may not result in a real collaboration or a formal partnership between those organizations.

Collaborations should provide enhanced and more effective quality of services than either organization presently provides. Planning will last approximately 6 to 12 months and will include a summary report on the structure and facets of the collaboration and outcomes of the project.