Changes to the 2017 Grant-making Process

Impact100 Sonoma has announced changes to its grants program effective with the upcoming 2017 grant cycle.

Impact Grant
  • The grant term for the $100,000 impact Grant has been extended to three years from two, making a three-year revenue stream possible for a program.
  • Impact Grant finalists will receive an unrestricted merit grant of $10,000 to be used by the nonprofit in any manner that supports their operation.  Previously, finalists were each awarded up to $20,000 for a specific project. 
Community Grants
  • The maximum amount for a Community Grant has been increased to $20,000 from $15,000.
  • Community Grant applicants will no longer be required to submit proposals for the exact amounts of $5000, $10,000 or $15,000. Instead, applicants will be able to apply for the amount they need up to $20,000.
“Above all, we exist to support the work of the nonprofit organizations in our community and we believe these latest changes will better meet their funding needs, said Wendy Hoffman, President, Impact100 Sonoma.

Impact100 Sonoma has been reviewing its grant-making policies in light of feedback received  from a confidential survey of local nonprofit organizations and from Impact100 members involved in the grant making committees.  Simplifying the Impact Grant finalist award results in additional funds for fully vetted projects that can be awarded in the Community Grants category.  Moreover, these unrestricted merit grants offer finalist organizations more spending discretion without reporting requirements.

For further information, please contact Diana Sanson