Participate – and Get Involved

Once you become a Member of Impact100 Sonoma, you may wish to choose a higher level of involvement by participating on one of the committees described below.


  • Membership helps formulate strategies for member recruitment, plans and staffs member events, participates in developing membership surveys, and works in conjunction with Member Engagement (see below).  If you are interested in welcoming members/guests to events, contact Gera Vaz at
  • Member Engagement focuses on retaining and engaging existing Impact100 Sonoma members through social activities such as hikes, dinners, volunteer days and other gatherings. New ideas and members for the committee are needed.  If you are interested in participating in Member Engagement, contact Pam Gilberd at
  • Events & Event Logistics provides pre- and post-event support for all Impact100 Sonoma events.  This includes site recommendations, logistical and budget support, planning strategies, meeting materials, and development of copy, invitations, and signage.  If you are interested in event planning, staging, or implementation, contact Hope Nisson at
  • Communications conveys information to the Impact100 membership and builds awareness for the organization in the community.  This is achieved through monthly e-newsletters, press releases, articles, event photography, and website updates.  If you enjoy writing and/or event photography, contact Judy Scotchmoor at
  • Impact Liaisons form a conduit between Impact100 Sonoma and our grantees to better understand their needs and assist them with securing non-financial resources. If you are interested in serving on the Greater Impact Committee, contact Amy Rassen at

GRANT COMMITTEES  (Click here for Important Grant Committee Dates)

  • Impact Grant Review Committees are responsible for vetting proposals for the $100,000 Impact Grant.  This includes evaluating Letters of Inquiry and full proposals, participating in site visits, and selecting finalists to be presented to the vote of the Impact100 membership at the Grant Awards Meeting.  Committee members need to be available for 5-7 meetings from January through May.  If you are interested in serving on an Impact Grant Review Committee, contact Grace Meeks at
  • Community Grants Review Committees have the responsibility for vetting proposals for Impact100 Community Grants within each of two categories:  Program and Capital.  This includes evaluating proposals, participating in site visits, and selecting finalists to be presented to the vote of the Impact100 membership.  Committee members need to be available for 3-5 meetings from January through May. If you are interested in serving on a Community Grants Review Committee, contact Diana Sanson at
  • Financial Review Committee (FRC) is responsible for establishing the guidelines for what financial information is required from grant applicants and for reviewing the financials submitted during the grant process.  The financial review focuses on evidence of financial stability and accounting compliance.  Potential financial or sustainability concerns about a grant applicant are shared with the appropriate grant committee(s).  This committee meets 2-3 times during the grant review process and also provides consultation services to various grant committees as needed.  A familiarity with accounting or financial statements is needed. If you are interested in participating in Financial Review, contact Karen Roche at


As organizational needs or potential projects arise, ad hoc committees and/or a task force may be created by the Impact Board to address, evaluate, and provide recommendations.

  • Membership Diversity Committee was formed to develop recommendations for optimal ways to achieve greater diversification in Impact100 membership.  If you are interested in learning more about this committee, please contact Gera Vaz at or Ann Reder at
  • Tech Team – We are looking to better utilize technology to provide more effective grant forms, project management and general document management. Please let us know if you have experience with making the decisions for an organization in this capacity or have implemented technology solutions. Contact Cathy Gorham at
  • Impact100 Sonoma Board Participation – If you are interested in participating in board work, or know of an Impact100 member who might have interest please contact Debby Kweller at

If you are a member and are interested in signing up for a committee, just click HERE to download the sign-up sheet.

If you would like to invest your time on a project that is not related to committee work or you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Impact100’s President, Celia Canfield at or 707.939.5007.