Other Impact 100 Communities

There are 19 Impact100 organizations in the U.S. including a new “sister” organization in Sonoma County called Impact100 Redwood Circle.  There are also three organizations in Australia.  Each one operates a bit differently, but each follows the same elegant recipe:

One woman – $1,000 – One vote

Click on the links below to learn more about other Impact100 organizations.

Austin, TX

Baldwin County, AL

Cincinnatti, OH

Chicago, IL

Indianapolis, IN

Las Vegas, NV

New Jersey

Northwest Florida

Oklahoma, OK

Owensboro, KY

Palm Beach County, FL

Pensacola, FL 

Philadelphia, PA

Redwood Circle, CA

Richmond, VA

San Antonio, TX

Vero Beach (Indian River), FL

Westchester, NY


And from Australia:

Western Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Fremantle, Australia