About Us

The first award: $100,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley, 2010

The first award: $100,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley, 2010

Our Vision: A thriving Sonoma Valley.

Our Mission: Empowering women of Sonoma Valley to invest in a more sustainable nonprofit community through collective giving and responsible stewardship.

Impact100 Sonoma is about the power of collective decision-making and collective grant-making. As a grant-making organization, Impact100 Sonoma brings together women in our community to do something truly remarkable: give a gift of $100,000 to an organization in the Sonoma Valley that has a big idea and great potential, but little access to large-scale funds. By bringing together 100 or more women who make an annual donation of $1,000 each, we are able to make a much greater impact on the future of our community than if we each gave on our own. As our membership has grown, we have been able to increase our support for the nonprofit community by offering smaller Community Grants up to $20,000 in addition to the $100,000 Impact Grant.

Our Partnership with the Community
Impact100 Sonoma is a partner with the other grant-making organizations and donors in our community – each helping in his or her own way. Part of our mission is to develop a greater awareness of the unmet needs of our community. Our programs are part of our commitment to doing just this. As a grant-maker, we are partners with the nonprofit organizations of our community.

The Founding of Impact100 Sonoma
Impact100 Sonoma was founded by Annette Lomont and Christine Dohrmann in August 2009. Word spread quickly and we reached the milestone of 110 Founding Members by December 2009.

Nonprofit Status
Impact100 Sonoma is incorporated in the State of California as Women Giving as One, Inc. and is registered with the Registry of Charitable Trusts (Department of Justice of the State of California). As a 501 (c) (3) organization, we are classified as a public charity and contributions are deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. Impact100 Sonoma is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests. Our tax ID number (Employer Identification Number) is 27-0845497.