An Opportunity to Learn More about VOICES

Voices staff group5

VOICES staff

Last June, Impact100 Sonoma awarded a $15,000 Community Grant to On the Move/VOICES Sonoma in support of their My Life Youth Transition Program.  This is an innovative and youth-led program that assists young people who are facing the combined challenges of self-sufficiency at a young age, coupled with the impact of neglect, abuse, or removal from their families.

On October 1, more than 50 community leaders gathered at Atwood Ranch to celebrate and learn more about VOICES Sonoma. Established in 2009 by a group of former foster youth, VOICES serves more than 900 Sonoma County youth each year. VOICES offers support in health and wellness, career and education, and independent living skills.

Presenters included, Lisa Wittke-Schaffner of the John Jordan Foundation, Wells Fargo representative, Hector Velasquez, and Alissa Gentille, Executive Director of On The Move. Jessica Fonseca, a former foster youth and now VOICES youth advocate shared her thoughts about the program, stating: “I can’t tell you how many young people come into VOICES to thank different staff members for all of the help they’ve gotten from us. It’s such an amazing feeling when I see a young person with a huge smile on her face, knowing she has made progress towards success. I know…I was there myself.”

The VOICES reception was hosted by Julie Atwood at beautiful Atwood Ranch and was sponsored by Wells Fargo.