News from Grant Recipients

Teen Services Sonoma – Grant Recipient Success!

Thanks in large part to 2016 and 2017 Community Grants, Teen Services Sonoma launched, then expanded, their successful Welding Program in collaboration with Hanna Boys Center. The goal: Offer valley youth living-wage job skills! Spirits were high and students' thoughtful remarks got the tears flowing during Teen Services Sonoma's (TSS) recent Ready to Work Graduation Celebration. The evening … [Read more...]

From the Ceres kitchen

Sonoma Valley Sun, April 4, 2017 Uriel Mondragon, a senior at Sonoma Valley High School, signed on for his senior project at the Ceres Santa Rosa kitchen.  This will culminate in a new skill set – and a new cookbook. Mondragon didn’t know much about cooking, but wanted to learn something new, “to do something different, out of the ordinary.” Getting to know his way around the kitchen, and … [Read more...]

ACR Conservation in Action: Mentoring Women Conservationists

Women Take Action for Conservation From Audubon Canyon Ranch Bulletin:  Conservation in Action Julia Clothier, Education Program Manager When I joined ACR, among my first projects was designing and directing a summer camp.  The direction was clear. Create a summer program combining ACR’s commitment to Conservation in Action, our extraordinary female staff and financial support from Impact100 … [Read more...]

Safe School Ambassadors: Thank You!

The Community Matters Safe School Ambassadors program is thriving partly due to the Impact100 Sonoma Community Grant in 2016 which helped strengthen the program's sustainability. Community Matters recently partnered with Umpqua bank to provide a sweet treat to Sonoma County Ambassadors as a "thank you" and recognition for the hard work they do each day.  Ambassadors work hard to keep their schools … [Read more...]

Highway 12 Tree Project Branches Out

The Sonoma Ecology Center and their EnviroLeaders were featured in the Sonoma Index Tribune for their tree planting along Highway 12 - a project funded by Impact100 Sonoma. Local teens are being transformed into modern-day Johnny Appleseeds as the Sonoma Ecology Center prepares to send out arboreal ambassadors to pave the way for new shade trees along the woefully tree-deficient Highway 12 … [Read more...]

Mentoring Alliance STEM Workshops Do Not Disappoint!

Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance hosted 14 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Workshops this year thanks to a Community Grant from Impact100 Sonoma.  Through these workshops, 330 Mentors and Mentees enjoyed a fun, hands-on learning experience and time together to work on these projects coming up with strategies to design, build and test their creations as well as grow their mentoring … [Read more...]

4Paws Making a Difference in Our Schools

4Paws has had a lot of press lately and with good cause! It was a joy to read the extraordinary testimonials from teachers who have witnessed first-hand the transformation that takes place when a therapy dog joins the classroom reading program. I cannot emphasize enough how something so simple can create such a special time in class where children feel safe and love to do what they are learning. … [Read more...]

Impact Presents Video #9 and #10!

This month we have the good fortune to share two new videos with you - thanks again to Impact100 member Pat Meier-Johnson and her husband, Russ Johnson. The first video highlights the efforts of the Ceres Community Project through which Sonoma teens learn about healthy organic cooking, the power of diet, and the ability to make a difference in the lives of people in need. The second shares … [Read more...]

The Impact of Impact100 Sonoma

One expects an elementary school to be abuzz with energy, but at El Verano and Sassarini Schools that energy extends well beyond normal school hours thanks to a series of new classes offered by Sonoma Valley Parent University. Members of Impact100 Sonoma were recently given the opportunity to learn more about the history of Parent University and its progress in Sonoma Valley since receiving the … [Read more...]

Sonoma Overnight Support Story in the Press Democrat

Congratulations to Sonoma Overnight Support for a wonderful article in the Press Democrat. The article shares several personal stories about those who have found shelter at The Haven, "where  nonresident homeless can take showers, do laundry, use a computer or telephone, eat a meal, find counseling and … [Read more...]