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Impact100 Sonoma awards its $100,000 Impact Grant to La Luz Center

For Immediate Release - June 10, 2018 Impact100 Sonoma awards its $100,000 Impact Grant to La Luz Center plus $186,000 in Community Grants to ten other nonprofits Sonoma, CA—June 10, 2018—At its 9th Annual Awards Celebration, Impact100 Sonoma gave its $100,000 Impact Grant to La Luz Center to fund its program, Computer Literacy and Employment Services. Since the founding of Impact100 … [Read more...]

Impact100 Sonoma awards its $100,000 Impact Grant to Sonoma Land Trust

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - June 10, 2017 Impact100 Sonoma awards its $100,000 Impact Grant to Sonoma Land Trust $192,227 went to two Impact Finalist and ten Community Grants to other nonprofits serving Sonoma Valley Sonoma, CA—June 10, 2017—At its 8th Annual Awards Celebration, Impact100 Sonoma awarded its 2017 $100,000 Impact Grant to Sonoma Land Trust to fund its program, Sonoma … [Read more...]

Impact100 Sonoma Continues to Grow

As a part of their 2017 recruitment efforts, Impact100 Sonoma implemented NextGen, a new sponsorship program to encourage young women in Sonoma Valley to participate in local philanthropy.  The organization welcomes five 2017 NextGen members (from left to right) Chelsea Runnings, Angela Ryan, Gail Chadwin, Chanel Ruez-Bricco, and Lauren Jolly.   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sonoma, CA – January 14, … [Read more...]

Assemblyman Bill Dodd Awards Impact100 Sonoma Annual ‘Community Champion Award’ for Sonoma County

Wendy Hoffman, president of Impact100 Sonoma accepts the Community Champion Award from Assemblyman Bill Dodd. The award recognizes Impact100 Sonoma for their efforts in helping to sustain and expand the work local non-profits do to serve those in need and build a stronger community. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sonoma, CA—October 7, 2016—Assemblyman Bill Dodd made an appearance at Friday morning’s … [Read more...]

Impact100 Sonoma Welcomes New Board Members

New board members of Impact100 Sonoma (from left to right): Claudia Sims, Impact Grant Chair; Susan Porth, Treasurer; Cam McKinley, Assistant Communications; Judith Walsh, Governance; and (not pictured) Margaret Grandy, Community Grants; and Mary Marcussen, Special Projects. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sonoma, CA—July 5, 2016—Impact100 Sonoma’s Board of Directors recently elected five new Board … [Read more...]

Impact100 Sonoma awards its $100,000 Grant to 10,000 Degrees and $181,938 among 14 other nonprofits

At its 7th annual Grant Awards Celebration, Impact100 Sonoma awarded the $100,000 grant to 10,000 Degrees to fund its program – 10,000 Degrees Institute Sonoma Valley Expansion, which will expand their two-year college access program focusing on academic support, college persistence skills building, and financial aid to students at Sonoma Valley High School and Hanna Boys Center. As the recipient … [Read more...]

Impact100 Sonoma Membership Continues to Rise

The numbers are in and once again, Impact100 Sonoma membership has passed the 250 mark! The organization is now 276 members strong – another record membership level. More importantly, this means that in May, the organization will award $276,000 to nonprofits serving Sonoma Valley. This will bring the total amount of grants awarded since the organization’s inception in 2009 to $1,468,000. This … [Read more...]

Impact100 Sonoma Hosts Nonprofits at October Workshop

  IMPACT100 SONOMA’S 2016 GRANT APPLICATION PROCESS October 15, 2015 On a warm Indian summer day, representatives of local nonprofit organizations and members of Impact100 Sonoma attended a workshop about the Impact100 grant application process for 2016.  Grace Meeks (Impact Grant Chair) and Diana Sanson (Community Grants Chair) welcomed the attendees and gave a shout-out to … [Read more...]

Impact100 Sonoma awards $100,000 to On The Move

At its 6th Annual Meeting, Impact100 Sonoma awarded the $100,000 grant to On The Move to fund its program – Sonoma Valley Parent University. As the winner was announced, cheers and applause filled the Sonoma Veterans Memorial Auditorium where Impact100 Sonoma members and guests gathered to hear presentations from the Impact $100,000 Grant finalists, await the tallying of the membership votes, and … [Read more...]

The 2015 finalists have been chosen!

We are pleased to announce the three finalists for our $100,000 Impact Grant and the 13 finalists for Community Grants. Impact100 Sonoma will award $263,000 in grants to a variety of Sonoma Valley nonprofit organizations at its May 30th Annual Meeting. This year, the $100,000 Impact Grant will be awarded to one of the following three nonprofit organizations serving Sonoma Valley: 10,000 … [Read more...]