Changes in leadership for Impact100 Sonoma

A farewell to Kathryn Perry, Lorraine Ashton, Mirja Muncy, Nancy Bruce

A farewell to Kathryn Perry, Lorraine Ashton, Mirja Muncy, Nancy Bruce

June is a time for celebration as Impact100 Sonoma announces the recipients of its annual awards, but it is also a time for farewells, welcomes, and transitions.  This year we say good-bye to four extraordinary board members, three of whom are founding members and all four of whom not only bring something special to Impact100, but who have given of their time to make sure that proposals are in, the wine is ready to pour, events are sponsored, and every program is error-free.  We extend a special thank you to: Lorraine Ashton, Chair of Community Grants; Nancy Bruce, Event Logistics; Mirja Muncy, Development; and Kathryn Perry, Events.

Impact100 Sonoma Chair Community Grants Lorraine Ashton  2011Back CameraImpact100 Sonoma Secretary and Chair of Development Mirja Muncy 5.26 smallImpact100 Sonoma VP Membership & Comm Relations Kathryn Perry 5.7.11





As sad as it is to lose the leadership of these four women, we also welcome four new board members:

Wendy HoffmanDebbyhopediana head shot





Wendy Hoffman will take charge of Membership, Debby Kweller will serve as Secretary, Hope Nisson will serve as Events Chair, and Diana Sanson joins us as Chair of Community Grants.

Additional board changes include a co-Presidency, as Celia Canfield joins Sydney Randazzo to share the responsibilities of the presidency and Ann Reder will move from Membership to serve as Executive Vice-president.