Farewell to Founding Board Members

Outgoing board members

Geralyne Mahoney, Beth Aaron, and Patti England accept farewell gifts from B.J. Bischoff.

One of the announcements made by Impact100 President B.J. Bishcoff at our Annual Meeting on June 22 was the change in leadership that will take place this summer.  Not only will B.J. be stepping down as President to become President emerita and Secretary, Impact100 will be losing three of its founding board members:  Geralyne Mahoney, Beth Aaron, and Patti England.

Geralyne served as the first treasurer of Impact100 and more recently has served as Vice President of Governance.  In that role, she assures that Impact100 adheres to all the legal requirements of a 501 (c) (3) organization, that we have consistent management plans and cohesive policies, and that we abide by our by-laws.  During Board meetings, we can count on Geralyn to make sure that our decisions are thoughtful and well-grounded.  She has that rare combination of being “all business” coupled with a delightful sense of humor that will be sorely missed.

Beth was Impact100’s first membership chair.  When the organization began, she talked to friends, neighbors and acquaintances about this “new organization” and encouraged them to join.  She helped lay the groundwork for where the organization is today…228 members.  Now as Co-Chair of Events, Beth continues to spread the word, she uses her creativity to carefully plan the Impact100 Sonoma events that we all enjoy.  No detail slips by Beth and her Co-Chair Nancy Bruce.  With our rapidly expanding membership, it is necessary to find the right venues, make sure that budgets are followed, and that all materials from flowers to pens are ready to go.  Beth calmly smiles and gets the job done.

Since our inception, Patti has served as the Impact100 Grant Chair.  Such a job requires not only an unselfish dedication and unbiased resolve, it requires candor, patience, communication skills, humor, and a smile.  Patti has all of those skills and then some.  Whether it is to inform a nonprofit that unfortunately they will not be a finalist or to share in the good news that they are, Patti treats her relationship with the nonprofits as if they were family – offering them guidance, a firm hand, and a “hug” when needed.  She is the ultimate cheerleader.

applause for outgoing board membersWe salute Geralyne, Beth, and Patti and thank them for all that they have done for Impact100 Sonoma and for the nonprofits of Sonoma Valley.  We also extend our gratitude to B.J. whose energetic leadership has guided Impact100 during two years of extraordinary success.

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