Changes for the 2018 Grant-making Process

Impact100 Sonoma announces changes to its grants program effective with the upcoming 2018 grant cycle.

Impact Grant
  • There are no changes to the 2018 Impact Grant process. 
Community Grants
  • Beginning in 2018, an organization may apply for only one Community Grant, either a program grant or a capital grant, and not for one in each category.
  • Alternate-year funding is being implemented. This means that an organization awarded a Community Grant in 2018 may not apply for a Community Grant in 2019. The organization would next be eligible to apply for a Community Grant in 2020.
At Impact100 Sonoma our goal is to achieve the fairest possible distribution of grant funds. With that in mind, we are continually assessing how we can improve the grant process based on both the changing needs of our community and feedback from Sonoma Valley nonprofits.
For further information, please contact Claudia Sims at