Great news from the Bookmobile!

Bookmobile logoWe  look forward to receiving news from our awardees, and the emails received from the Free Bookmobile are always positive and heart-warming.  But this past month, the news was particularly special.  The Free Bookmobile has a wonderful new home as a program of the Sonoma County Public Library Foundation!

Sonoma County Public Library Foundation logo“An independent non-profit organization, the SCPLF supports the local library system, promotes the use of library resources, and develops enthusiasm for reading and increased literacy for all Sonoma County residents. As the Free Bookmobile is also dedicated to promoting literacy and love of reading, it’s clear this is a terrific partnership in the making!”

AND Glen Weaver, Director, had more good news: “We finally have a promotional film to share with you! The product of quite a labor of love, this brief video introduces folks to our work in a way we hope transcends words. Just click here to view it on our new YouTube channel.”

bookmobile4In June 2013, Impact100 Sonoma awarded $3,000 to the Free Bookmobile to purchase and install a galvanized steel vehicle shelter to house and protect the bookmobile.

Congratulations to Glen and all of the volunteers who have helped to bring more than 30,000 books last year to young and old in Sonoma Valley!