Impact100 Members Visit Sassarini Preschool!

impact group visit March 15A group of Impact100 members recently had the privilege of seeing the results of our 2013 $100,000 Impact Grant at the new Sassarini Preschool.  Reports can be written and stories told about how wonderful the students are doing in class both socially and academically, but there is nothing more magical than being in the classroom, seeing the world through a child’s eyes, and experiencing his or her learning, thinking, and growth.

At the beginning of the school year, less than 20% of the children were tested as being ready for kindergarten.  Danielle Smith, Sassarini School Preschool Director, could barely get through reading one book during the last circle time of the day. Now, as we experienced, she reads up to four books for approximately 20 minutes with students’ full attention and engagement!  By the end of the school year, 90% of the children will be kindergarten-ready, and those with special needs will be identified and will start their school careers with the extra assistance they require.

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 The Preschool For All program allows the Sonoma Valley Unified School District to provide a high-quality, brain-building program in a warm, nurturing setting.  Such an environment creates a bridge for low-income students giving them access to high-quality, early-learning opportunities for their future success.   Watching 24, four-year-olds, excited and engaged in the learning process, while being gently, but firmly guided to control social behaviors, was awesome.  It was inspiring for all who attended.

The Sonoma Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) has provided a more detailed report on the impact of the Preschool For All project.  To read this report, click HERE.  SVEF also posted a very nice “thank you” to Impact100 in their spring newsletter (see below).
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Impact100 members will have another chance to see this wonderful program in action on May 4, 2015, 11:00am – 11:45 am.  Space is limited, so sign up early.  There are also immediate opportunities for volunteers.  Please contact Constance Grizzell,, for more information.

Text provided by Constance Grizzell.
Photos courtesy of Sonoma Valley Education Foundation.