Impact100 Sonoma Coffee Hour Resumes

Impact100 Sonoma welcomed thirteen members to an informal coffee January 13, 2016, at the Community Café. Longtime members greeted three new members (see list below) and conversations ran the gamut of topics from the “ins and outs” of Impact100 to French lessons and activities around town – even fighting human trafficking here in Sonoma county!

coffee3coffee2The consensus is that another Community Café coffee should be scheduled in the next few months. The Member Engagement Committee will be happy to oblige!

In attendance were new members Erika Assante, Carolyn Ball, and Pat Wiesler, who were welcomed by “old-timers” Jeanette Barekman, Pam Gilberd, Wendy Hoffman, Jean Knapp, Natasha Martin, Lillian Meyers, Dana Simpson-Stokes, Gera Vaz, and Marcie Waldron.

Text and photos provided by Pam Gilberd, Membership Engagement Chair