Impact100 Sonoma Snags Third Place in 4th of July Parade!

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Fourth of July on the Plaza celebrates our historic plaza and the people and organizations of Sonoma with a parade that has been called one of the ten best in the country. But this year, the celebration was made bigger and better so that the town could pay its respects to the Sonoma Community Center, which marks the 100th anniversary of its historic building and its 52 years of service to our community. Dozens of businesses and organizations paid their respects with much hoopla! And Impact100 was no exception.

We rolled up our sleeves in readiness to share Impact100 Sonoma with our community and to celebrate a major milestone: surpassing $1,000,000 in grants to nonprofits serving Sonoma Valley. We are very proud of the dozens of non-profits that have received either an Impact grant or a Community grant since our inception. These fine organizations tirelessly serve Sonoma Valley each and every day in their own unique way.

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Carrie Fogg and ‘Zanne Clark headed the parade committee, recruited members to march, and then set the Impact100 Sonoma entry in motion. As a result, our green and white clad members marched behind a huge banner, carrying signs with the names of our grantees. The parade committee was composed of talented and energetic members  ready to do anything that was asked, from gluing signs to sorting out and selecting great music, to bringing food and drinks and recruiting enthusiastic marchers, to showing up for many, many meetings (planning started in October!), finding a beautiful white truck and snazzy Camaro, and even snagging darling Shannon from Transcendence to choreograph a dance routine the marchers performed along the route.

S 1Members report being congratulated by many among the spectators on a job well done, and for being so generous. The crowd loved the signage, the green and white, and, of course, our dancing Queens. The judges loved our entry as well. We won third prize in the General category, as reported on the front page of the IT! We really made an IMPACT!


To top off a perfect day, Sonoma celebrated all its citizens and our country’s birthday with an amazing fireworks show. The Volunteer Fire Department outdid themselves this year!!


S 6Take a peek at the Parade Photo Album here.

Special thanks go to the Parade Committee listed below and to Bari Williams, Jack Carter, and all the members who snapped photos.  Also thanks to M.C. Cutliffe from the Sonoma Community Center, David Smyton for creative energy, and Shannon O’Bryan from Transcendence Theater for the choreography.

Parade Committee members: Jeanette Barekman, Kathleen Carter, ‘Zanne Clark, Carrie Fogg, Pam Gilberd, Carole Morphy,  Maureen Olson, Ann Reder, and Marcie Waldron

Text provided by Carole Eubanks