Impact100 Sonoma Welcomes New Board Members


New board members of Impact100 Sonoma (from left to right): Claudia Sims, Impact Grant Chair; Susan Porth, Treasurer; Cam McKinley, Assistant Communications; Judith Walsh, Governance; and (not pictured) Margaret Grandy, Community Grants; and Mary Marcussen, Special Projects.


Sonoma, CA—July 5, 2016—Impact100 Sonoma’s Board of Directors recently elected five new Board members:

Margaret Grandy will serve as Community Grants Chair. Margaret has spent more than 40 years living in the Middle East, South East Asia, Australia, and in England, where she worked at the American School in London as Director of Admissions and Associate Head of School. In London she worked with nonprofits involved with assisting immigrants and expatriates. Margaret joined Impact100 Sonoma in 2014 and served on Community Grants Committees for 2 years.

Mary Marcussen will serve as Special Projects Chair. Mary is a project development, strategic planning, and major grants professional assisting science museums, universities, and nonprofit organizations nationally. She is a former systematic biologist, educator, and grants manager for the California Academy of Sciences. Board and volunteer affiliations include the Sonoma Ecology Center, Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Indigenous Education Institute, and Mary joined Impact100 Sonoma in 2010 and served on Impact Grant Review Committees for 5 years.

Cameron McKinley will serve as Assistant Communications Chair. Cam is a partner in a naming business after a career as an editor and photojournalist for national magazines and newspapers. In 2002 she was ordained as an interfaith minister working as a grief counselor, meditation teacher and healing arts practitioner. She is past-chair of two of California Pacific Medical Center’s advisory boards concerned with integrative health. Cam joined Impact100 Sonoma in 2014 and served on the Impact Grant Committee, one year as co-chair of a Grant Review Committee.

Susan Porth will serve as Treasurer. Susan has nearly 25 years of financial experience in managed healthcare and has served as Treasurer or CFO of major health plans and hospitals. Susan is a former Trustee of Smith College and President of the Smith Alumnae Association. She was a board member of the Oakland Ballet and Harvard Business School Alumni Association. Susan joined Impact100 Sonoma in 2014 and served on the Financial Review Committee for one year.

Claudia Sims will serve as Impact Grant Chair. Claudia has a 35-year career in employee benefits and as a benefits consultant. Claudia’s prior and current volunteer affiliations include Planned Parenthood, Sutter Health Institutional Review Committee and the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art.  Claudia joined Impact100 Sonoma in 2013 and served as co-chair for the Impact Grant Review Committee for 2 years.

Judith Walsh will serve as Governance Chair. Judith had a long career as a corporate tax lawyer in San Francisco and the East Bay, primarily working for Chevron Corporation. Judith is a board member and Secretary of Sonoma Overnight Support, and volunteers with FISH.  Judith joined Impact100 Sonoma in 2013 and has served on Community Grants Committees for 3 years.


A complete list of Impact100 Sonoma board members can be found at

Impact100 Sonoma is a philanthropic organization started in August 2009 that brings together at least 100 women in a common purpose: to award an Impact Grant of $100,000 every year to a Sonoma Valley nonprofit organization that would otherwise not have access to that level of funding. To date, its members have granted a total of $1,468,000.

The organization’s mission is to empower women of Sonoma Valley to invest in a more sustainable nonprofit community through collective giving and responsible stewardship. Impact100 Sonoma is inviting women who want to make a difference in Sonoma Valley to join the organization. Information about joining can be found at or by calling 707-939-5007.

Ann Iverson
Communications Chair