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Impact100 Sonoma members ML Jacobson and Meghan Marsh King

We hope you will once again choose to be a member of our incredible philanthropic giving circle so that we can offer even more funding to support the vital work of nonprofits serving Sonoma Valley.

The Membership Forms for 2018 (below) describe payment and participation options. You can print the form and mail it in with a check, e-mail the form to, or use Paypal for payment by clicking on one of these payment options.

2019 Impact100 Sonoma Membership Form



Membership Benefits

  • Each Member’s donation is matched at least 100-fold by other like-minded women
  • Members choose the recipient of the $100,000 Impact Grant and Community Grants and meet the nonprofit finalists
  • Members meet other women in the community and make new friends
  • Members are invited to participate in the grant application review process
  • Members are invited to attend workshops on a variety of subjects
  • Members have exclusive access to information and articles about women’s philanthropy and trends in philanthropy
  • Members are invited to Members-only educational seminars
  • Members are invited to membership receptions throughout the year
  • Members have access to the Membership List of Impact100 Sonoma
  • Members are invited to serve on Committees
  • Members are offered a monthly payment option for annual membership dues
  • Members may make a multi-year membership pledge

Membership FAQs

Who are the Members of Impact100 Sonoma? Impact100 Sonoma is open to all women age 18 or older who live in, or who wish to help, the Sonoma Valley community and make an annual contribution of $1,000. Each $1,000 donation provides membership for one year’s grant cycle.

Is my donation to Impact100 Sonoma tax-deductible? Yes. Contributions made by December 31st are tax-deductible for the year in which the donation was made. Impact100 Sonoma is a 501.c.3 nonprofit organization.

What is a Member Plus? Members who are able to contribute beyond the $1,000 fee are encouraged to become a Member Plus and help defray the cost of running the organization’s events, communications, website and administration.

What is required of a Member? Each woman’s participation is dependent upon her personal situation and can change from year to year. If a woman has limited time, she contributes her $1,000 and votes for the grant recipients for that year. If a woman has more time, she can serve on a variety of committees or assist in other ways.

Once I join, how long is my membership in Impact100 Sonoma?
Each $1,000 donation provides membership for the next calendar year. Women who donate by January 7 of any year are eligible to vote in May/June of that year and qualify as members for the entire year.

How does Impact100 Sonoma stay in touch with its Members? Impact100 Sonoma uses email communication to stay in touch with its Members. In addition, we publish a monthly newsletter and host several events during the year.

I would like to contribute more than $1,000. Do I get more than one vote? No. Our founding principle is “one woman, one vote.” Any amount given over $1,000 goes first to offset administrative costs. If we receive more funds than we need to cover administrative costs, our board of directors may decide to add that money to grant funds.

My company matches funds for charitable donations. Can I give $500 and have my company match it to make my total $1,000 donation? Yes. Businesses or employers can contribute in any amount to an employee’s membership in Impact100 Sonoma. We also appreciate matching funds from employers and use these funds to offset administration costs.

Do you accept gifts of stock or allow my Membership to be charged on a credit card? Yes. In order to pay with a credit card, you can go to the website and pay through PayPal online.

How is it possible that 100% of my contribution goes to the grant recipient? How are administrative and Membership recruitment expenses covered? Impact100 Sonoma seeks gifts and sponsorships from individuals, local businesses, family and private foundations, and in- kind donations specifically for administrative expenses. The members who are able to become Members Plus also provide significant help.

How can I be a part of Impact100 Sonoma if I can’t make the $1,000 contribution? You can become a Friend of Impact100 Sonoma and play a very important role in our organization. All Friends’ donations are tax deductible. While your Friends’ donation does not provide you with voting rights, it will help ensure that 100% of each Member’s $1,000 donation goes directly to the grant.

Can men participate in Impact100 Sonoma?
Men are welcome to become Friends of Impact100 (see above) and many volunteer to help at our activities and events.