Mentoring Alliance STEM Workshops Do Not Disappoint!

Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance hosted 14 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Workshops this year thanks to a Community Grant from Impact100 Sonoma.  Through these workshops, 330 Mentors and Mentees enjoyed a fun, hands-on learning experience and time together to work on these projects coming up with strategies to design, build and test their creations as well as grow their mentoring relationship.

The project offered an educational platform to learn a variety of skills & tools: soldering, glass cutting, mosaics, solar energy, circuit panels, mechanical engineering, strategic thinking, robotics, Google glasses/virtual experiences, communicating with a robot, and more.  The workshops stimulate imagination, build engineering skills, inspire kids to be scientists and think outside the box, deal with mistakes and keep on trying.

The video shows some of the wonderful creations and fun experience the mentors and mentees had in the workshops.