New Members Learn about Impact100 Sonoma

Photo 5a

From left to right: Nancy King, Margaret Caulfield, Bobbie Collins, Natasha Martin

Twenty-four new Impact100 Sonoma members know a bit more about what makes Impact100 so special, thanks to two recent orientation events. The idea for such events emerged from our January 2014 Members Education Forum, and they have proven to be highly popular. Impact100 members Mirja Muncy and Jacque Scott organized these two gatherings – morning coffee at the Community Café on October 20th and a late afternoon wine tasting at the El Dorado Kitchen on October 30th – which provided ample opportunity to ask questions from attending Board members Celia Canfield, Ann Reder, Wendy Hoffman, and Sydney Randazzo. New members were able to meet one another and discover what brought them to the organization. “Most new members were relaxed and asked lots of good questions,” stated Jacque.  “I believe they became excited about opportunities to get further involved in Impact100.”

photo 1

Jacque Scott and Mirja Muncy

Many thanks to Jacque and Mirja who volunteered to help coordinate these events. We look forward to similar events in early 2015.


Photos courtesy of Celia Canfield.

photo 2

From left to right: Anne Farragher, Nancy King, Margaret Caulfield