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community capital GRANT

Application Instructions

    Please complete the following forms and documentation to apply for a 2019 Community Capital Grant and submit by 8:00pm on January 31, 2019.  

    All documents listed below must be submitted in PDF format with the exception of the on-line Organization Information Form.  Submit all documents at the same time to: margaret@impact100sonoma.org

    Online Organization Information Form:

    Complete the Organization Information Form.  No signature is necessary and some sections have word-number limitations

    Proposal Narrative: 

    The Proposal Narrative should be a maximum of three pages (12-point type with 1 inch margins).  The narrative should provide a compelling story of the proposal and include the following information, if applicable:

    • What needs the capital investment addresses, who or what the purchase will help, and its goals and objectives
    • How the capital item will be purchased, by whom, where, and the timeline
    • How the outcomes or results will be measured
    • Why this organization is the right one for the job, how the proposal relates to the mission and goals of the organization, and if there are likely to be any obstacles to achieving the proposal’s goals
    • How the program will be sustained in the future
    • If the capital item costs more than the request from Impact100, a description of the other funding sources, along with what will happen if the project costs are more than anticipated

    Financial Information: 

    Please provide the following financial information in one or more PDFs:

    • Budget Form
    • Current and previous fiscal year Statements of Financial Activities/Balance Sheets
    • Current and previous fiscal year Statements of Financial Position/Income Statements
    • Most recent IRS 990 Form
    • Audit -- not required; if an audit was completed, provide the date of the most recent audit and the name of the auditor
    • Current cash flow statement (if available)
    • A minimum of two bids or estimates for the capital items proposed

    Collaborator/Partner Form:

    If your proposal involves other partners or collaborators, please complete this form and have it signed by each collaborator/partner.  

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