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10th Anniversary GRANT

Application Instructions

    Please complete the following forms and documentation to apply for a 2019 10th Anniversary Grant and submit by 8:00pm on January 31, 2019.  

    All documents listed below must be submitted in PDF format with the exception of the on-line Organization Information Form.  Submit all documents at the same time to: margaret@impact100sonoma.org

    Online Organization Information Form:

    Complete the Organization Information Form. No signature is necessary and some sections have word-number limitations

    Proposal Narrative: 

    This should be three to five pages (12-point type, 1-inch margins) telling a compelling story of the proposal and why it is important.  The Program Narrative should include applicable information below:

    • The organization’s mission statement,
    • A description of the need the proposed program is addressing and how the program addresses that need.
    • Who the proposed program will help
    • What the program’s goals and objectives are
    • How Impact100 funds will be used for this program
    • How the program will be implemented, and the outcomes measured
    • Who is going to do what, including both a timeline and the locations of implementation.
    • How the program’s goals will be met
    • Why the organization is right for the job
    • What unique qualifications the organization has to help achieve the goal
    • How this program relates to the organization’s mission and long-term goals
    • If any obstacles occur how they will be addressed
    • If there have been any significant leadership changes in the organization or any changes to the organization’s financial stability over the last three years these should be explained.
    • How the program will be sustained after the grant period
    • What contingencies are available if the program costs are more than budgeted

    Financial Information: 

    • Budget Form
    • Current and previous fiscal year Statements of Financial Activities/Balance Sheets
    • Current and previous fiscal year Statements of Financial Position/Income Statements
    • Most recent IRS 990 Form
    • Audit  — not required; if an audit was completed, provide the date of the most recent audit and the name of the auditor
    • Current cash flow statement (if available)

    Capital Expenditure Information (if applicable): 

    • Minimum of two bids or estimates from suppliers and/or contractors needed for all capital expenditures.
    • Drawings, site plans, and other documents you believe would be useful to understand your request (building, equipment, etc.). Limit attachments to 8.5”x 11” format

    Collaborator/Partner Form:

    If your proposal involves other partners or collaborators, please complete this form and have it signed by each collaborator/partner.  

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