Safe School Ambassadors: Thank You!

The Community Matters Safe School Ambassadors program is thriving partly due to the Impact100 Sonoma Community Grant in 2016 which helped strengthen the program’s sustainability. Community Matters recently partnered with Umpqua bank to provide a sweet treat to Sonoma County Ambassadors as a “thank you” and recognition for the hard work they do each day.  Ambassadors work hard to keep their schools safe and inclusive for all students by standing up and speaking up when they see or hear mistreatment.  These photos show many of our Sonoma Valley school ambassadors at an ‘All Ambassador’ meeting.
Many schools, such as Adele Harrison and Altimira Middle Schools in Sonoma are so lucky to have community organizations like Impact100 that have helped them sustain their programs with financial support.   On behalf of the team here at Community Matters, the staff and students of the schools – THANK YOU!