Spotlight #2 – A Travel Talk Soiree

On April 14th, Jean Behse opened her home to members of Impact100 Sonoma to talk about travel.

Karen Collins started off the conversation discussing walking/hiking tours – providing several helpful tips about rating hikes, terrain and trails, and the importance of checking out ground operators and inns. Reflecting on experiences with her own tour company, she said she has gotten more out of it than she put into it. She also commented that traveling with women always includes a lot of laughs – a sentiment echoed by several others.

PegNext up was Peg Van Camp who talked about her experiences with bicycle trips.  She provided the names of companies she has used (Cal Discoveries, Backroads, and Woman Tours) and commented on the importance of checking out the routes for level of difficulty. She also recommended insuring trips.

JeanJean wrapped up the presentation part of the evening by relating her positive experiences with home exchanges and tips learned. These included having a list of contacts if things need attending (plumber, electrician, gardener) as well as neighbors and emergency contacts. Others in the group shared similar positive experiences agreeing that direct home exchange is low-risk because you will be staying in the home of the people staying in your home. Jean mentioned that the availability of Internet sites with pictures has helped with vetting. She also described her wonderful experiences with other organizations such as Women Welcome Women and said that the ‘Bike & Barge’ trips were a good introduction to bicycle trips.

All three brought brochures and pictures to share and following the presentations, there was mingling and sharing of resources.  Some of the companies mentioned were O.A.T. (Overseas Adventure Travel), Tauck, and Women Traveling Together.

The group expressed interest in future events on travel topics, and everyone left smiling with memories of trips and ready to pack for their next one.

Text and photos provided by Impact100 Sonoma member Claudia Sims