Thank you, thank you, thank you!

052_Impact100.2014At the start of the 2014 Annual Meeting, President Sydney Randazzo talked about the power of collective philanthropy – what can be accomplished when we work not as individuals, but collaboratively.  That is what Impact100 Sonoma is all about, and it was only fitting that time be given to say thank you to all who contributed to another successful year.

The thanks go to our 2014 major underwriter Union Bank and all of our other sponsors, not just of the Annual Meeting but for the entire year;  to Members Plus and the Friends of Impact100 who help to cover our administrative expenses; to an extraordinary and hard-working board who never seem to tire in their efforts to make the organization as effective and efficient as it is; and to all of the women who served so tirelessly on each of the committees, whether it be a grant committee, membership, events and events logistics, development, or communications.

The thanks also go to Impact100 Sonoma’s Founders, Christine Dohrmann and Annette Lomont and to each of the 239 members of Impact100 who contributed $1,000 and cast their votes enabling us to distribute $239,000 to the nonprofits serving the Sonoma Valley.



The Annual Meeting provided the opportunity for Impact Grant Chair Grace Meeks and Community Grants Chair Lorraine Ashton to specifically recognize those women who served on each of the committees involved in the grant-making process.  Grace described those serving on the Impact Grant committees as “flexible, prepared, organized, respectful, funny, and almost always having an opinion.”  Lorraine added the words “incredible, smart, articulate, and even a bit hard-nosed and spirited” in describing those who served on the Community Grants committees.  Each of these committee members and those of the diligent Financial Review Committee are listed below.  We thank you.





And a special “behind-the-scenes” thank you to the non-Impact100 members who served as our voter tabulation team:  Team Leader Greg DiPaolo, Mary Pat Manning, Diane Juen, and Virgilia Mata; the young men of Hanna Boys Center who greeted us; and to our super wine-pourers: Hank Bruce, Richard Idell, Jack Nisson, and Chad Ordway.

Elaine Adamson           Susan McQuaid – Chair
Sylvia Betram               Pat Meier-Johnson
Kathy Bradley               Elsa Nelson – Chair
Mollie Collins                Nancy Pollock
Sharon Delaney            Terri Rhodes
Christine Dohrmann    Betty Sherer
Linda Dougherty           Pamela Sloane
Laura Hake                    Meg Sokoloski – Chair
Yvonne Hall                   Beth Stelluto Dunaier
Kathe Hodgson             Mary Jane Stolte
Wendy Hoffman           Stephanie Stubbs
Lynne Lancaster           Bonnie Walner
Kathryn Lewis               Jane Wicklund

Kathleen Leonard (Co-Chair)
Blythe Carver               Jean MacPherson
Helen Giss                    Karla Noyes
Kay Heigel                    Beverly Seyfert
Susan Idell

Innovation & Collaboration/Strategic Partnering #1
Diana Sanson (Co-Chair)
Kathleen Bloch            Ann Reder
Linda Davis                  Dana Stokes
Molly Fedorchak         Marcie Waldron
Gretchen Gardner       Judith Walsh
Pat O’Connell              Cathy Williamson

Innovation & Collaboration/Strategic Partnering #2
Erin Selby (Co-Chair)
Judy Bjorndal              Frann Moore
Kathleen Carter           Amy Rassen
Carrie Fogg                  Linda Van Sciver
Pam Gilberd                Robin Winton
Lisa Lilienthal              Monica Wohlferd

Karen Roche (Chair)
Cathy Gorham              Susan Skinner
Jeanne Montague         Liz Tunney Williams
Sharon Nevins