The Concept of Impact100

Impact100 Sonoma is approaching its 5th anniversary (more on that later), but there are 18 such organizations in the United States and three in Australia.  The Impact100 concept was founded 10 years ago by Wendy Steel. As part of their 10-year celebration, they asked each of the current Impact organizations to provide a snapshot of their philanthropy, i.e., the total amount of funding granted since each was founded.

The number is astounding –  $29,148,000!!!  This is a tribute to the philanthropy of each of the women who is a member of an Impact100 knowing that as a group they can accomplish more than as individuals, to the communities that support them, and to the nonprofits who provide the programs and services.

Founders Annette Lomont and Christine Dohrmann

Founders Annette Lomont and Christine Dohrmann

To Annette Lomont and Christine Dohrmann, the founders of Impact100 Sonoma, “Bravo!”  Thank you for knowing that Impact100 could work in Sonoma Valley and for the time and energy you invested in making sure that it did. And to every one who has supported us along the way as a member or sponsor or friend and to our amazing nonprofits, we salute you!