Making an Impact: A list of our grantees


Sonoma Land Trust – Sonoma Development Center Land Protection Project
Finalist grants of $10,000 in unrestricted funds to:
Community Child Care Council of Sonoma County (4C’s)
La Luz Center

10,000 Degrees – 10,000 Degrees Institute Sonoma Valley Expansion
Finalist grants of $20,000 each to:
Becoming Independent
Pets Lifeline
Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance

On The Move – Sonoma Valley Parent University
Finalist grants of $20,000 each to:
10,000 Degrees
Audubon Canyon Ranch

Redwood Empire Food Bank – Diabetes Wellness Project of Sonoma Valley
Finalist grants of $20,000 each to:
Sonoma Land Trust
Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance

Sonoma Valley Education Foundation –
Smart Start: Preschool for All in Sonoma Valley
Finalist grants of $20,000 each to:
Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation
WillMar Family Grief & Healing Center

La Luz Center – Strengthening Families & the Community
Finalist grants of $13,375 each to:
Sonoma Community Center
Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance

Sonoma Valley Teen Services – Skills for Life Program 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley – College Bound Program
Finalist grants of $2,500 each to:
Sonoma Ecology Center
Sonoma Valley Museum of Art
Social Advocates for Youth (SAY)
WillMar Family Grief & Healing Center     


10,000 Degrees received $20,000 to pilot a college awareness initiative for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students and their parents at Altimira Middle School.
On The Move received $19,990 to expand their Parent University program (currently at El Verano and Sassarini Elementary Schools) to Flowery Elementary School.
Redwood Empire Food Bank received $20,000 to provide fresh produce and healthy staple foods for low-income residents of Sonoma Valley who might otherwise go without adequate food and nutrition.
Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) received $20,000 to expand no-cost services to grieving youth in Sonoma Valley and to increase parent education and youth engagement.
Sonoma Overlook Trail Stewards received  $10,000 to repair damage from erosion and overuse on Sonoma’s Overlook Trail.
Sonoma Valley Education Foundation received $20,000 to expand the Jump into Reading! summer intervention program to improve reading proficiency for students in grades K – 3.
Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance (SVMA) received $20,000 for its ongoing Road Map to Your Future program to provide valuable career exploration opportunities to 240 of Sonoma Valley’s most at-risk youth.
Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance received $8048 to upgrade its eight Mentor Centers.
Teen Services Sonoma (TSS) received $19,845 to expand its Ready to Work program with the Building Vocational Skills for Success Program offering construction-related skills development.
Teen Services Sonoma received $14,344 to purchase equipment and supplies to upgrade its hospitality programs at TSS’s Lovin’ Oven and Sonoma Valley High School’s No Name Cafe.

Ceres Community Project received $15,000 to continue their Healing Meals for Healthy Communities program serving families and individuals struggling with serious illness.
Friends in Sonoma Helping (F.I.S.H.) received $15,000 to provide rental assistance to needy Sonoma Valley residents.
La Luz Center received $15,000 to provide low-income Latinos with free, bi-lingual employment counseling, computer classes, and ongoing technology literacy assistance.
Pets Lifeline received $15,000 to expand their in-house spay/neuter capabilities, so that all sterilization surgeries can be performed at the shelter.
Redwood Empire Food Bank received $15,000 to expand their weekly distribution of fresh produce to approximately 300 low-income seniors, families and individuals in Sonoma Valley.
Sonoma Community Center received $10,000 to replace their 30-year-old community gas kiln with a safer kiln that will help expand the ceramics programs.
Sonoma Ecology Center received $2,316 toward their project to train teen EnviroLeaders in urban tree planting/care and community survey techniques to help enhance the Springs.
Sonoma Valley Education Foundation received $2,316 toward their project to support overnight college field trips for students enrolled in their engineering and agriculture academies.
Teen Services Sonoma received $15,000 to launch the TSS Welding Program pilot in conjunction with Hanna Boys Center as the first in a series of programs to prepare youth for construction sector jobs.
Verity received $2,316 in support of their Youth Empowerment and Support program that educates children and youth to identify, prevent, and report sexual violence.
Vintage House received $15,000 to support and expand their senior transportation project (LIMO) that provides free, local rides for life-enhancing purposes.

Becoming Independent
– $15,000 to purchase a new vehicle to transport clients with developmental disabilities to work and volunteer sites
Ceres Community Project
– $15,000 for a planning grant with Sonoma Valley organizations to address nutritional needs for patients after they have been released from a hospital stay
La Luz Center
– $15,000 to offer computer literacy workshops and employment counseling at El Verano Community School for low-income Latino adults
Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance
– $15,000 to purchase Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning tools for their mentoring centers
Jack London Park Partners
– $15,000 to organize volunteers in invasive species removal in the park and to involve at-risk youth in specific restoration projects
Community Matters
– $15,000 to institutionalize the Safe School Ambassador program (an early-intervention program focusing on communication and conflict resolution) at Adele Harrison and Altimira Middle Schools
– $15,000 for the Youth Empowerment and Support project at Sonoma Valley schools to aid students in preventing sexual violence
4Paws Learning and Wellness Center
– $2,200 to increase the number of Sonoma Valley canine social therapy teams that provide comfort to healthcare patients and assist children struggling with reading
Arts Guild 
– $15,000 to support a mobile arts education program at four elementary schools for 1,448 Sonoma Valley K-5 students
Pets Lifeline –
$800 for structural enhancements to their kennels and dog play area

Sonoma Valley Community Health Center – $13,000 to purchase equipment for its dental clinic
Sonoma Overnight Support – $15,000 to expand its “drop-in” services  for the growing number of homeless
On the Move, in partnership with Sonoma Valley Unified School District and La Luz Center, –  $15,000 for developing a “parent university” program designed for low-income, English-learning families
Jack London Park, in collaboration with Hanna Boys Center – $15,000 for a pilot program to employ at-risk teens in an 8-week summer trail-restoration program
Sonoma Valley Teen Services -$15,000 to install a walk-in refrigerator to expand The Lovin’ Oven workspace
Friends in Sonoma Helping (FISH), in collaboration with Sonoma Overnight Support – $14,000 to implement a severe weather shelter for the homeless of Sonoma Valley
Ceres Community Project – $12,000 to expand their current Healing Meals for Healthy Communities pilot

Becoming Independent– $5,000 Healthy Living class for those with developmental disabilities
Bookmobile/Literary Arts Guild – $3,000 Steel carport vehicle shelter for Bookmobile
Boys & Girls Club/Collaborators City of Sonoma, La Luz & Social Advocates for Youth – $15,000  Action plan & coordinated effort focusing on Gang Prevention
California Parenting – $15,000 Gang Prevention parent support services and classes
Ceres Community Project – $15,000 healthy meals for seriously ill patients and families
Hospice by the Bay – $8,500 Hospice Suite within SV Hospital for end of life care
On the Move/Voices – $15,000 foster care transition support services for self sufficiency
Redwood Empire Food Bank – $15,000 Hub Distribution for delivery of affordable food

10,000 Degrees/Collaborators SV Education Foundation & SV Mentoring Alliance –
$15,000 Collaboration to create a college-going culture from elementary to 12th grade
Bookmobile/Literary Arts Guild – $3,250 book supplies for the Bookmobile
California Parenting – $15,000 parent education classes for high risk families
F.I.S.H /Friends in Sonoma Helping – $15,000 parking repaving, security camera, flooring
Sonoma Overnight Support – $11,000 replace linoleum & carpeting, upgrade bedroom storage
Willmar Family Grief & Healing Center – $9,000 supplies for “on-the-go” grief kits

F.I.S.H – Friends in Sonoma Helping – $15,000 facility improvement
Sonoma Ecology Center – $7,000 electricity for Garden Park
Sonoma Valley Health Care Center – $9,000 equipment for two new exam rooms
Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance – $7,500 girl’s Empowerment Fund
WISE/ Women’s Initiative for Self Employment – $15,000 microenterprise training


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